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Sampling is at the heart of our business

Our collections are presented in different forms: 


The BE notebooks (19×11) intended for design offices are classified by collections with all their colors inside, easy to consult and not very bulky.  There is also the more classic but very visual hangers and the fabric square (45 x 45) which allows you to confirm a final choice.  


And of course, the sample cuttings (10 x 15 ) that we regularly send to our customers according to their requests for their various projects; hotel, residential, office and retail. However, it is difficult to send all the fabric ranges of our brand.

The BB Signature box … a new way to present our fabrics

This box is born from a request and a need from our customers.

For this reason, we have designed a box in which all the Bisson Bruneel’s collections are assembled together.  Composed of an assortment of 70 unique memos, you can discover all the creations, the materials and their textures.  The choice of fabrics becomes very easy and realistic, it helps you in your decisions for your decoration projects. 


The “Bisson Bruneel Signature box” is designed for simple and inspired use, it is organized according to the use of the fabric (seating, curtains, sheers, non-flame…). In each category you can find a memo of each collection that refers to it in a single color.


This is the importance of the QR code as well as the technical data sheet that is on the back of each memo. 


Thanks to an intuitive referencing, the QR code directs you instantly on our website in the corresponding collection. You will discover all the other colors of the range in a few clicks. 

A subtle mix of our creations

Our fabrics are made with care and rigor, always with a concern for excellence and are the reflection of the values of our company for over 50 years. Our taste for innovation pushes us to always propose new collections in noble and natural materials.  


The “BB Signature box” is an object of choice, designed as a case. It allows us to have all our collections at hand and to move forward in the best way in the search of fabrics for the elaboration of textile projects, as well in the decoration of houses, hotels or offices.

Used collections

Private: Polyfibre : Roma, Polymarine, Polyback, Polycuir

Ecran 2020


Bergamo 2


Panama Wool

Buntal BB, polybed,


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