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Fabrics for all types of weather

The fabrics capture all our attention to improve and sublimate our interior all year round.

But when the summer season comes, the fabrics become acclimatized and reveal their feats to adapt to bad weather and dress our exteriors as well as possible.

Indeed, they are washable, water repellent, anti UV and sometimes even non-toxic. But they are also interesting in their texture, material effect with an impression of cotton, linen and sometimes silk. In our collections, the chromatic palette is trendy and basic: beige, pearl gray, natural … beautiful shades to enhance terraces and gardens.

Our outdoor collection represents four different ranges: Fjord, Glacier, Gulf Stream and Pole Nord.

A mottled and sometimes two-tone herringbone pattern for the Fjord reference and a honeycomb-look mesh on the Glacier fabric. The Pole Nord displays a nice slightly mottled grain while the Gulf Stream is a real solid color with a very soft and delicate color palette.


The outdoors can also be used indoors. Indeed, these fabrics offer many advantages.

Thanks to their specificities, and their great resistance, these fabrics are perfect for making curtains or seats which resist stains or which allow them to be removed by washing them easily even with products such as bleach. No more problems with traces of chocolate at snack time …

Also ideal for places welcoming a large number of people, such as hotels, restaurants or offices.


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