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The Evasion collection a mixture of tradition and modernity

The new Evasion collection is made from the finest raffia fiber. This fiber is extracted from the young shoots of a variety of the “Buri” palm that grows in the mountains of Bohol in the Philippines.
It is harvested according to tradition, defibrated and knotted by hand. Nature is totally preserved, There is no deforestation, the palm tree is not cut, only the young shoots are harvested, which does not affect the growth of the tree.
The weaving is carried out on manual bamboo looms, and the use of a metal comb and the polyester or nylon chain make it possible to bring flexibility, games of transparency and modernity to textiles.
The Evasion collection has been designed and created around seven references, each of which has their own singularity but as a common point a raw, textured and refined appearance. The colors are made in a natural range of beige, brown, tobacco and sometimes with a mixture of black.
For MABASTE and MAKATI fabrics, raffia is colored using an ancestral smoking process. The fibers are spread out on a bed of grass and then covered with sheet metal which, with the heat of the sun, colors the fiber a greenish brown.







  • Revêtement mural / Wallcovering
  • Roller blind
  • Slidind panels


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