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When Bisson Bruneel, editor of furnishing fabrics and Dormeuil, manufacturer of the finest wools for clothing, met, the desire to create a collection together became obvious.

Beyond this desire, their common values bring these two companies together.

A family history, the sense of ethics, the requirement and especially the love and research of beautiful materials.

This capsule collection is made from a rigorous selection of Cashmere and Alpaca wools.

These two references offer a range of exceptional fabrics, in the purest nobility of the fibre, capable of dressing and sublimating the interiors.  No designs, a choice inspired by nature and the distant lands of the vast expanses of Patagonia, Peru or Mongolia.

Touches of color come to wake up the colour palette.  The rock cockerel and poppy red illuminate the beautiful basic shades of midnight blue, carbon or cameos of natural.




Cashmere’s long silky fibres are now being used in interior fabrics by Dormeuil, which sources the cashmere in a picturesque territory where herders raise their goats high up in the mountains at 4,000 meters. Each goat produces only between 100 and 150gms of fibre per year, with the youngest animals producing the finest wool. It is this quality which is chosen by Dormeuil for its exceptional nature, all the while showing the greatest respect for the people, the animals and the land.

The unrivalled softness and perfect drape achieved with cashmere fabric makes for rich curtains and luxurious cushions. Nuanced colours give the décor an exquisite warmth in a modern yet timeless style.



The Alpaca fibre from goats raised high up in the Andes is remarkably fine. Dormeuil selects this special wool from nomadic herders who are respectful of the animals, the land and their work. This luxurious fibre is now being used in interior design, achieving a unique charm and sense of well-being.

Alpaca is part of the Camelid family, just like the rare Vicuna, and shares the lightness of its coat. It combines perfectly with 30 per cent wool, producing a natural drape, bright colours and a comforting touch. Curtains made from Dormeuil alpaca really are the last word in chic and comfortable interior décor.